Dear Francis

 I am not sure where to begin when trying to express our gratitude for all you have done for us.

 It is very hard to explain in words how we appreciate you and what you did over time to relieve our stress.

 Thank you for having faith in this case and for being so patient and understanding.

 I hope you and your family can celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.  Merry Christmas

 From: Mr. C.R. and Family

Dear Rhonda,

 I really don’t have words to thank for the support that you have provided. Your presentation, preparation and of course the decision reflected the efforts that you invested in my case. You have remarkable judgment and analytical skills. I’m honestly grateful.

 From: Mrs. B.I.

“They were amazing. My wife and I would like to thank Francis and Rhonda for the way they listened to our needs, answered our questions honestly and went the extra mile to make sure we understood everything. Our expectations were exceeded by their diligence, communication and professionalism. It was a pleasure.

Thanks again for the help on the house sale.”