About Francis Law

Francis Law; principled, productive and practical professionals.”


Principled. Francis Law strives to take a principled approach to every file we have. We strive not only to be zealous advocates regarding your matter, we also try to maintain the highest degree of integrity in order to hopefully achieve the fairest and most just outcome.  To that end, we encourage the parties in a dispute to settle their dispute. This will save the parties costly legal expenses, avoid any emotional harm to any children involved and prevents the taxing of Judicial Resources. 


Productive. Our mission at Francis Law is to work very hard on your file.


Professional. Professionalism is the hallmark of pride in one’s work. The personnel at Francis Law are committed to professionalism in all aspects of their practice of law.


Practical. We offer practical solutions for every legal situation or circumstance while considering the ultimate financial costs and benefits to you from an objective point of view.